President Letter

Dear colleagues,

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly acknowledge my appreciation and respect to all my friends urologists - Your trust made me stronger - The decision to run for presidency of the Lebanese Urology Society was taken to continue and enhance the appreciated work of my predecessors and the founders, among them my late father Dr Fakhry Alame

From my long experience in the medical administration , I strongly believe in collective work and in being a leader by consent not by force – Thus, our new cabinet will be working through committees to be more productive Our newly elected cabinet has many challenges- we are committed to increase our efforts to serve our members, to communicate critical issues effectively, and to deliver timely educational programs . Our strategic plan will incorporate your input as we seek to best address your needs

My vision for the society is to become the most productive and unified medical society in Lebanon –This might take more than two years, which is my presidency period, For that we, and as a cabinet , we will be building the infrastructure and the strong basis with specific goals that can be reached with the collaboration of all the urologists in all the different aspects including trainings. Teaching the community is our responsibility – and by Your participation in lectures and conferences you will be sure appreciated–

I strongly believe also that better communication will lead to better collaboration –We will work very hard to keep and improve our inter-relations: Locally, through our communication committee , via website and regional conferences- Your participation as moderator or speakers will be highly recommended and Internationally, where we will follow the footsteps of our predecessors to tighten our relationships with the French , American , European and the Arab Urologic societies .

We are focusing more on communicating with the Lebanese Urologists working and living abroad by hosting brunch , lunch and dinners in Europe and US during the congresses. Finally , our society is each and every Lebanese Urologist. It needs your help to reach its goals –Your commitment and input are highly appreciated

Walid Alame, M.D